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Friday, February 15, 2002
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Shepperton Village Fair Raft Race
Click here. #

Monday, February 11, 2002
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I wish I'd invented this term, but a quick search on Google reveals that Dr Rolf W Schweizer of the Swiss Society of Chemical Industries got there first (June 8, 2001 actually). But I think I might be the first person to try and actually measure it. Take a basket of terms in common use (eg America, God, Music) and measure their frequency on the internet somehow. The increase in occurrence of these terms over time is the measure of Infoflation.

For January 2002 the figure I measured was 4.85%. This is my first measurement and I've already refined the measurement process a bit so next month I should have a better figure, I think 4.85% might be a little high. #

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What's Hot - February 2002
This month's clear leader is Tony Blair, while his colleague Gordon Brown is falling back. Open Source, Enron and MMR are all new this month. Note, the figures are adjusted for Infoflation which is currently running at 4.85% per month.

TopicHeat RatingPercentage Change
Bill Clinton6,5001.71
Bin Laden1,9000.71
Black Hawk Down100-4.85
Britney Spears70,3001.83
Charles Kennedy100-4.85
George Bush11,1001.88
George Harrison1,4002.84
Gordon Brown300-4.85
Iain Duncan-Smith0~
John Lennon4,2002.84
Spice Girls5,1001.4
The Lord of the Rings8,4001.48
Tony Blair70011.82
Open Source10,400New!

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What's Hot - January 2002
The what's hot index for January 2002 shows that The Beatles are no longer more popular than God but that Britney Spears is. On the UK political front the Conservative leader seems to be trailing badly.

TopicHeat RatingPercentage Change
Bill Clinton6,100
Bin Laden1,800
Black Hawk Down100
Britney Spears65,900
Charles Kennedy100
George Bush10,400
George Harrison1,300
Gordon Brown300
Iain Duncan-Smith0
John Lennon3,900
Spice Girl4,800
The Lord of the Rings7,900
Tony Blair600

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Sage and Open Source
Astonishing that a company that claims 3.4 million users does not have any kind of on-line support resources, newsgroup, faq or anything else. OK part of their business model is to make money by providing a paid-for support service - but not to have a newsgroup in this day and age? However, all is not lost, there is an independent Sage mailing list sage@seg.co.uk.

Anyway, there seems to me to be a fabulous opportunity for a good Open Source accounting system. Everyone has similar requirements, whenever there is legislative change there would be an imperative to get it updated. The dynamics would probably work well. Accountants and bookkeepers would be able to share their expertise and techniques, technical people would be able to translate requirements into code effectively. Sounds like a win-win-one to me. On SourceForge there are over 100 accounting projects. Maybe I should check out one or two of these and see if any are useful. #

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If you're interested the following link has a very good description of how keys and locks work (the old fashioned kind): http://www.lysator.liu.se/mit-guide/mit-guide.html.

This originated from a group called the MIT Roof and Tunnel Hackers. There's an official web-site documenting some of their exploits which is also quite interesting: www.hacks.mit.edu. #

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This may be all greek to you but if you can figure out how to decode it (hint: try www.geekcode.com) then you probably ought to have your own!
Version: 3.12
GB/IT/P/O a+ C++$ ULC V U- P++ L+ W+++ w(---) t- b+++ DI- e++ h---- d- d++ G-

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"The Meme Machine" by Susan Blackmore is an excellent read, particulary if you have read (and enjoyed) anything by Steven Dawkins (eg The Selfish Gene).

Seen Lord of the Rings yet? If not, think about reading "The Hobbit" before you go. Its an easy read and tells the story of how Bilbo Baggins came to be in posession of the ring. An excellent warm up for the film, without giving away the story (you've probably read the book but so long ago you've forgotten all the detail). #


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